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EnergyAPM is the GE data analytics software specially designed for Power Transmission and Distribution assets providing an Asset Performance Management portfolio of applications and services. EnergyAPM combines real-time data with industry expertise, analytics and connectivity, helping operators to develop an intelligent performance strategy for managing electrical substations.

Built on a microservices-based architecture, EnergyAPM offers a suite of software services, each configured and running as managed and isolated container. Services can be deployed and run into a distributed cluster improving the system scalability, resiliency and performance of the more demanding processing. Microservices are designed lightweight then built, updated, and managed independently, exposing application programming interfaces (APIs) communicating with one another making EnergyAPM an easy platform to maintain, upgrade and integrate with client systems.

Build your EnergyAPM - Turning Data into Insights

EAPM Grid Solution

EnergyAPM Grid Solution

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