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Imeco Inter Sarana was founded in 1972 and has more than 50 years of experience in high-tech drilling equipment and services, marine services, and power generation. Furthermore, the company has expanded by entering the mining sector, the transportation industry, and developing of industrial infrastructure.


We, PT Imeco Inter Sarana (Imeco) was founded in 1972 by two young engineers who inspired to contribute to their nation, Indonesia, in the development of  the energy sector. In the early years, we focused on upstream oil and gas activities by supplying drilling equipment for oil and gas wells in various operational locations throughout Indonesia. Some years later several fabrication, manufacturing, and chemical blending facilities would be built, as well as other facilities to increase  local content of the equipment and services. 

In the mid-1980s, we entered the power generation business by supplying spare parts for various power plants, in keeping with Indonesia's advancement in development, particularly in the electricity sector. In 2023, we collaborates with reputable international firms to construct a 1 x 1.000 MW power plant with Ultra Supercritical technology, the most advanced technology in coal-fired power plant.

We also take the opportunities in the land and sea transportation sector, as the growing population distributed across many regions and islands necessitated mobility and the fulfillment of products and food supplies.

We are convinced that the most valuable asset is the workforce. Hence, we are constantly recruiting exceptional young people and developing them to inculcate entrepreneurial spirit and leadership abilities. Our people also cultivate an environment that fosters creativity and innovation in order to remain relevant with continuing development and future ventures.


To be recognized as a valued partner in the energy and industrial development projects throughout Indonesia


Focus on customer’s needs for solutions.

Develop synergy and create added values.

Uphold customer’s trust through quality performance.

Earn healthy return on investment.


Integrity is The Foundation of All We Do.

People are Our Most Valuable Assets.

Continuous Improvements Lead to Progress.

Commitment and Team Work Key to Our Success.

We Grow and Prosper Together.

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